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Late night text messages from my mom are the best.

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Yeah, no. This is a fake. A quick search of Geoff’s name on the site pulls up nothing that actually involves him. And a search of “armed robbery” pulled up even less, at least in relation to these guys.

Don’t believe me? 

The time stamp on this says “6 hours ago,” so we can’t get a date from there, but the OP posted this on April eleventh. Assuming they got this screen-grab and posted it on the same day, this article would’ve been posted on the eleventh. But as a quick look at the website proves there is no story like this for that day.

Then, from what we can see of the article, it is said that this robbery happened on the 25th of March. All things considered, let’s say that meant that OP took the screen-grab some time on, let’s say, the 26th. That being said, this article would probably be archived somewhere and easily accessible through a simple site search.

Let’s search Geoff’s name first.

Huh, nothing there. At least nothing pertaining to this supposed robbery. 

Hmm, let’s try a search of "armed robbery."

Nothing there, either.

In conclusion, this is a lie, stop reblogging it. 

As for the OP, I’ll assume you were also a victim of misinformation here and I’ll ask that you make sure a story is true before you post it next time. Thank you.

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Joel Hodgson Wants To Resurrect Mystery Science Theater 3000 In 2014



Via Fuck Yeah, MST3k!


Esmeralda (The Hunchback of Notre-Dame) - Friday Sakura-Con 2014 (by OhnoRaptors)


Everyone saw this coming. Featuring the lovely Lindsay Tuggey.




lumpy space princess nails




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                                        agent washington or church

This one’s my favorite…quintessential Church.


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Rt Podcast this week is being brought to you by truck.

Anonymous asked: omg!! what do you think of the new rooster teeth office? all the photos and ahwu make it look all so cool! do you think that theyll make another office tour video?

I’ll let you know when I visit Studio 5 next week   ;)

I cannot wait to use that newfangled coffee maker they bought…

Rooster Teeth Community Content of the Week

Slowly, but surely bringing it back to life.  

This is a project that I’ve been in love with since day 1. “Real life” and other non-internet happenstances kept getting int he way and the group halted for a while.  It is my grand goal to bring the group back up to speed with this expanding community.

When people ask “How did you get so involved with the community?” I always point to this group and RT Community member Chris Botkin. This group requires me to read journals, search profiles, and get to know people…it’s odd to say that this group requires a lot of work and I could not be more thankful for that fact.

So, what is community content?

  • Fan art - of every medium
  • Art - what you do does not have to be RT-centric!
  • Music - do you compose, play, aspiring to learn and need an audience to listen?
  • Video/Film - this covers anything that moves: animation, machinima projects, acting reels, documentaries, commentaries, shorts, movies, video blogs
  • Costuming and Cosplay - whether it’s anime, LARP, movie, cartoon, sci-fi, television, comic, or Rooster Teeth production based! 
  • Clothing - upcycling, creation from start to finish
  • Helpful blogs - tutorials in anything from achievement hunting to makeup application to how to wash a dog.
  • Charities - RT Community created charities and do-gooders! SideQuest and IRL, for example! Extra Life Teams (but NOT individuals only because that gets tedious), Willow’s charity to save her mother’s house 

This is meant to be a positive group full of positive people and positive content.  I will not promote anti-fake geek groups/projects or WTF groups. We try to focus on the awesome stuff in our community and strive to support the growth of projects.

If you have a Rooster Teeth profile and would like to submit yours or other people’s projects, send me a message over there and I will spread the love!

Self promotion is ALWAYS welcome. Don’t be shy.  

Love you, peeps


FARSCAPE the movie??

And now it seems their wishes may be coming true with show creator Rockne O’Bannon having confirmed at Wondercon that Justin Monjo is indeed penning the script for a Farscape movie, and that the movie is in the very early stages of pre-production…


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