Cock-A-Doodle CHOMP

do not work for Rooster Teeth. 

But I do have a sweet office above the kitchen.  Just ask Pongo.

If there were such a job as ”Community Manager" for RT, I would apply in a heartbeat.  I would think that folks like Blawndee, Caleb, or Count3D would be better for the job…but I’d still apply.  Burnie wouldn’t have to pay me much: Starbucks cards, Microsoft Points, and a trip to PAX East.

I’m a simple gal with simple needs.

P.S.  I really miss RTX.  That weekend was pure MAGIC.  I look back on the photos and get goosebumps.  I miss Suppi and Razi and Blawndee and Dopp and ChrisBotkin and Leaf and Newbs and AllisonDay and Ayapa and Roadblock and everyone else…even Knuckles FUCKING Dawson.  I miss hugging drunk RT staff.  I miss Burnie’s kindness and hospitality.  I was taught never to wish my life away…never want time to pass so quickly to get to an event….but PAX Prime can’t come soon enough.  I need my RT staff fix.  They really are some of the coolest, kindest, and humble people I’ve ever met.

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