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After RTX 2012, we got to unwind at the office.

Miles invited Chris and I to watch him edit an episode of Red vs Blue (we got to help!), there was a HUGE thunderstorm, Brandon showed Joel and I the footage of “Day 5” that the community helped film that weekend, and we took turns giving Barbara a much needed backrub.

Interesting fact: After RTX, everyone goes back to work on Monday. There is very little downtime during the summer for Rooster Teeth.

Graffiti on the signing tables at RTX 2012.

Maybe it is a fact…

Matt Hullum is one of my favorite people.

He’s great to talk to, great to drink with, and is eternally grateful to the Rooster Teeth Community.  I almost cried when he introduced me to his friends with “Mary and Chris are the people who run RTX”.  He said last year of our Guardian orientation speeches as “Wow. You guys. That was POWER OF GOD awesome!”  He’s given me so much praise over the last 4 years…I cannot say enough wonderful things about this man and how thankful I am that I get to work with/for him albeit only a few times a year.

I can think of no better person to be in charge at Rooster Teeth.

RTX 2011 - singing “Forge World” and  ”Sarge’s Blues” live for us under the beer tent.

Candid RTX 2011 shots.

All photos taken by me <3

Another gentle RTX Guardian reminder

I will no longer answer any Guardian related questions here on Tumblr.

All Guardian questions should be sent via private message over at I need to keep a running tally of questions and responses and that is not possible here on Tumblr. Since this is all for RTX, I am more comfortable using RT as my base of operations.

My username on RT is sailortweek -

Thank you for your understanding.



From here on out, all Guardian news will be announced on in the Guardian group ONLY.

Per Barbara’s request, none of what will be discussed there will be made public. That means that all of those news posts will NOT be posted here. If I see them posted here by a Guardian, there will be disciplinary actions taken (from a stern finger shaking to me completely withdrawing your Guardian status. That is how serious we are about this.)

Also, any questions and comments about Guardians should be sent to either me or to Barbara in a private message on

Thank you!



RTX 2014 News and Guardian Applications are out!


Yeah! We have RTX 2014 news! Plus, guardian applications and FAQ, so read up, unless you wanna be a busta.

We will close Guardian applications on Friday January 31st. APPLY TODAY! And be sure to read the FAQ.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

SailorTweek on is the best way to get a hold of me for Guardian inguiries. <3

Go forth and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Via Lindsay Jones

Rooster Teeth Office Tour 2011

Count3D took some fantastic photos during the 6:00am filming at RTX 2012. Joel looking lvery focused and serious about what is about to occur…

(Source: Flickr / count3d)

The quick version…

Spent the 4th of July in downtown Austin with a bunch of Australians and a couple of Canadians.

Worked my butt off at RTX as a Guardian Team Lead.  Loved every minute of it.

Put on a hell of a show, got lots of hugs from Staff, Cast, and Community.

Got a real thrill when Staff/Crew called me by my real name and not my site handle.  Burnie not only hugged me, but also took me by the hand, looked me in the eye, and NO BULLSHIT thanked me sincerely for my hard work.  I haven’t been thanked like that by someone who isn’t my husband since college. I made Gus laugh during the stressful times, Shannon McCormmick was SURE that he knew me from somewhere, John Marshall Reed thought I worked for Rooster Teeth, and made fast friends with David and Miles.  I got to hug Ray a dozen times. 

My husband was PRAISED MULTIPLE TIMES on the Rooster Teeth site and in person by Staff/Crew and got a Featured User spot for his hard work.  Chris kicks a lot of ass…and here he thought he was just riding my coattails. I’m super proud of him!

Worked SideQuest as well…rarely paid for a drink.

Sold my silent auction pieces for a total of $260

Went to the open house at The Fort and formally met Geoff Ramsey’s mother.  The Fort is AMAZING.  Photos don’t do that place and the artwork justice. I’m so thrilled for Griffon!

Was part of another Rooster Teeth live action production. WHY AM I ALWAYS KILLED IN THESE THINGS? I demanded a living role with lines and a kissing scene with Matt Hullum for next year. (Hardy har har not really. I’ll play a fence post if it means being in another RT film!)

Finally met JengaShip.  I’ve been podcasting with him for 2 years….

Got a huge amount of praise from JessKid Jesse Cowell.

Went and hung out at Rooster Teeth headquarters after Matt and Burnie invited me.  

Helped Miles with Episode 9

David gave us a tour of the annex. Met Joe the Cat and Pongo.

Brandon showed us film from the Sunday morning shoot…HOLY SHIT. JOEL HEYMAN MUSCULARLY DESTROYS ME WITH HIS DRAMATIC ACTING ABILITY. Seriously. I’m getting goosebumps just remembering it…

Was stranded at RT Headquarters on account of massive thunderstorm. Drank lots of their beer.

Watched my husband massage Barbara’s shoulders. BOW CHICKA BOW WOW

and that was just the Texas portion of our trip.

Photos and stuff later.  I’m drunk, tired, and so very happy to be home.

…but I do miss Austin.  What a terrific city.

I have news for all of you Red vs Blue music fans

Trocadero’s new album will be released on JULY 7th! 
With luck, it will be available at RTX!

This news came to us from the mouth of Nico himself at RvBCanwest. We all got a sneak peek of what will be on the album. If you are like me and desperately in love with the sounds of Trocadero (and I know that you are), you’ll be more than ready to drop a few coins in the hat to have your soul reinvented… 

Greetings, RoosterTumblr and beyond!


Are you attending RTX this year? If so (or if you will be in Austin that weekend regardless), you should be buying tickets for the various SideQuest events!  Party with the ever loving Rooster Teeth Community!

Yes, tickets are required for the big stuff. The tickets cover the venue rentals and (on certain nights) proceeds will go to Child’s Play! Read all about it at the SideQuest group on RT

* Post about the contest in better detail

* Post about the events

Buy tickets HERE and do it NOW

If you buy tickets for Thursday and or Friday’s festivities, you have a chance to win one of the Stand Alone cutouts in a raffle!  No home is complete with a looming cardboard cutout of everyone’s favorite Boss, the incredibly good looking voice of Caboose, or the lovable drunken head of Achievement Hunter!

Friday night is SOLD OUT, but you still have a chance to buy tickets for The Highball event on Thursday.

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