Cock-A-Doodle CHOMP

Rt Podcast this week is being brought to you by truck.

Blast from the past : Rooster Teeth Drunk Tank tshirt - The original RT Podcast.

"Gus! Go with theme song!!"

Given to me by Geoff Ramsey himself in 2010, I wear it proudly even though I look terrible in yellow.

Designed by Luke McKay

The Xbox that sits above Gus’s head on the Rooster Teeth Podcast set. I took this photo before I shipped it to him. Really wanted to keep that sweet jacket…

…did i seriously just hear a drunk tank theme song made by gus.




and they’re changing the name.

my world is shattered, you guys.

I think I’ll be more crushed if the theme song becomes constant. I love the random intros.

The music is the “porn” background tune heard at the end of “Hotel Buddies”. Gus said it was a one-time deal at the beginning of the podcast.  He encourages folks to keep sending in intros and is still going to put up ones that say “Drunk Tank”.  It’s all there at the beginning of the podcast.

Gus could call the podcast “Hepatitis C" and I’d still listen.  What’s in a name? Nothing, really…it’s about content for me.  I have my Drunk Tank shirts and shot glasses to cuddle if I so desperately miss the title.  You’ll all get over the name change in a week.

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